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Our girls’ home is known as Project Talitha Cumi. The Lord gave us this name based on the scripture in Mark 5:21 where Jairus's daughter is dying and he seeks the Lord to heal her. Jesus arrives at his home only to be told the little girl is dead. Jesus tells them she isn't dead, but only sleeping. Jesus says, "Talitha Cumi" or "Rise up little girl." He sends all the unbelievers out of her room and restores her to health and commands her parents to give her something to eat. Many of our girls have had horrible circumstances and felt they would never recover, but the Lord has raised them up and has commanded us to give them the bread of life.

We currently have 22 girls staying on the farm in three girls’ homes. Our desire is to build up a generation of well-educated Christian girls that will change Honduras for the Lord.

Project Talitha Cumi is located in the Western highlands of Honduras. The closest village is Yamaranguilla, Intubica, Honduras. The girls home is at an elevation of 5,700 feet above sea level. For those with Google Earth, the coordinates are Latitiude 14.303024°, longitude –88.262899°.

The mailing address for the project is:

Pamela Demott

Directora de Proyecto “Talitha Cumi”

El Obispo, Yamaranguilla, Intubica

Honduras, Centro America


Google Earth location of Talitha Cumi

Map of Honduras showing Talitha Cumi

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