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                                                            Needs List


Monthly financial support for meeting the basic needs of the girls and operating the project


1. clothing

a.white tights all sizes for girls' dance dresses

b.socks, white and black

c. tennis shoes

d. girl's and ladies' sandals

e. panties size 2 to 12 for girls and 2 to 5 for ladies

f. bras not sports bras, T-shirts 3T to medium ladies, training bras and camisoles for all ages, white

g. wide headbands, hair care accessories, berrets and ponytail holders


2. toiletries and medicines

a. shower gels and scrunchies for bathing

b.shampoo and conditioner

c. toothpaste, tooth brushes

d. medical cremes, triple antibiotics, hydrocortisone, oragel, A&D ointment, alcohol free aloe vera, Icthamol creme

e. liquid Tylenol, Ibuprofen, children and adult cold medicine, Children's Benadryl, Silvadene cream

f. lice treatment, shampoo and spray

g. sanitary napkins

h. combs and brushes



a. kitchen accessories, dish towels

b. commercial kitchen utensils from Sams

c. Big stainless steel pots

d. electric roasting pans

e. peanut butter

f. grits

g. chili powder, poultry seasoning, sage, black pepper, Italian seasoning, powdered ranch dressing, Italian dressing packets

h. towels, bath mats, water resistant cloth shower curtains

i. bed spreads for single beds

j. school and art supplies (oils, pastels, water colors, and canvas boards)

k. Christian videos and educational videos for pre-k

l. chapter books in Spanish and English

m. non-aerosol bug spray

n. tools



1.Battery powered Sawzall with blades (wood and metal)

2.LED light bulbs (60 watt) need 60

3.Wood and metal drill bits

4.Bits for the drill (hex head, Phillips, flat head of various sizes)

5.Battery powered impact wrench

6.Shutoff valves for sinks and toilets (1/2 " nip & 3/8" compression) need 20

7.Stainless steel braided supply lines for sinks and toilets. Need 20 for sinks and 10 for toilets

8.Cloth shower curtains with metal eyelets. need 20

9.PVC fittings in sizes listed and in 3/4" and 1"

a. 50 - 1/2" couplings

b. 50 - 1/2" 90 degree elbows

c. 50 - 1/2" tees

d. 25 - 1/2" 45 degree elbows

e. 25 - 1/2" 1/2" female adapters

f. 25 - 1/2" male adapters

g. 10 - 1/2" shutoff valves

h. 25 - 3/4" to 1/2" reducers

i. 25 - 1" to 3/4" reducers

j. 25 - 1" to 1/2" reducers

k. 25 - water faucets with 1/2" nip

l. 5 - undersink drain kits

m. 2 - plumber's putty

n. 10 - large cans PVC glue

o. 25 - plastic single bulb light bases

p. Large jug wire nuts (red/yellows)

There is a cargo container shipped several times a year that large things can be put on. The items are stored at CTV wrecker service off Industrial Drive in Moultrie until they are shipped.To ship large items, please contact Rex Williams

 If providing any of the items listed, please send an email to one of the Planning Committee members:

Joe Reynolds

Wesley Jarrard

Ken Bethea

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